what a year.

oh my. what a year 2013 has been. it started out with me waking in a panic as the walt disney world resort countdown to the new year had...

oh my.
what a year 2013 has been.
it started out with me waking in a panic
as the walt disney world resort countdown to the new year
had me thinking I was in the hunger games.
you think i'm kidding.. but 'm not.

the first day of the new year was my last day
at pizzafari in Disney's animal kingdom.

bittersweet, but good.

those next couple of days was a whirlwind. 
i played in the Disney parks and said goodbye to many friends. 
friends i don't know if i will ever see again but hope that our paths cross again.
savannah and dhrusha had become my best friends in florida. 

i said goodbye to roommates that were family. 
liane, cecilia, and madison were heartbreaking goodbyes.

 after the crazy whirlwind of days and events,
 i found myself on a plane home to utah. 
and boy was i bitter.
 how could anything after disney be meaningful? 
i was happy to see my family and friends,

but i fell into a dark hole for a few months. 
it was hard.

i got my gpa up and chose theater as my major.
i changed my hair color.

i travelled to sacramento and san francisco
where i got to see more family
and visit with a friend from disney.
my family got new cars and life started to look up.
my little kia rio 2002
decided that it didn't want to hold oil or work for me anymore,
and after many dealers laughing in my face,
i found a car that i could afford and was reliable.
i love my volkswagen jetta 2013.
it's beautiful.

two of my best and dearest friends lefts on their missions. 
one is down south and one is in italy. 
both i miss immensely and can't wait for them to come home. 
they are amazing examples and wonderful people. 
i love you, cam and kynia.

i travelled to seattle and forks. 
it was beautiful and so green. 
la push beach was my absolute favorite. 
it is one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen.
i changed my hair color.

my family and i travelled to walt disney world
and i got to show them where i had lived for seven months.
it was so much fun to actually be there with my family.

we also went to universal studios.
i am grateful my bestest friend,
michelle, got to come with us.

school was in process. 
at school i work for disney.

i had the amazing opportunity to do 
the actors workshop with michael flynn. 
i decided that i quite love being on screen in film.
i decided to take strictly scenes from michael flynn as well, 
and fell even more in love with acting.

i changed my hair again.

i found my passion and my goals for the new year.

during this time,
i worked with santa as a helper,

disney as a campus rep.,
and kfc as a shift supervisor.
i am doing classes at school and for work.
i have seen some of my favorite movies.
(frozen is brilliant).

i have watched more television than i should admit..
once upon a time and sherlock are at the top of my list at the moment..

i have met some amazing and inspiring people.
my puppy is my bestest friend.

i have gotten to know myself better and made friendships stronger.
i got two new baby sisters: hannah and paityn.

i don't like sharing my goals for the new year, and considering that i had no goals going into 2013, i'd say it was a successful year. i didn't manage to get out  of debt (quite the opposite) but i accomplished much more than i would have thought possible.

cheers to the new year.
here's to 2014.

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