goodbye 2014...

oh man.. what an amazing year 2014 was. i don't even remember all of the exciting things that happened.. where to start?? at th...

oh man..
what an amazing year 2014 was.
i don't even remember all of the exciting things that happened..

where to start??

at the beginning of 2014,
i was convinced that it was the year i would do more acting.
i filmed one commercial in the entire year…
hahah… oops…

i also don't want to study theater in school anymore…
now i have to decide what i actually want to do!

at the beginning of last year,
my best friend told me she was pregnant!
and getting married!
i was so happy for her!
i was also kind of jealous…

i was jealous that her life seemed to be moving forward,
yet mine was dormant..
and completely boring..
i felt like my life wasn't going any where,
especially since i was still working at kfc.

at the beginning of april,
my life would change,
although i didn't realize it at first.

my best friend was married in may.

do you know how hard it was not to just cry
while she walked down the aisle,
looking so super gorgeous?
i was definitely teary eyed.
she looked beautiful.
i felt so honored to be a part of such a special day for her.

around the time of her wedding
[maybe a couple weeks before]
my cousin decided to set me up with his friend from his mission.
we finally gave each other a chance,
and realize that we actually had a lot in common.
we ended up hanging out a lot more
and talking more frequently.
after my best friends wedding,
i was with this awesome man i was beginning to fall for.
[more details will come later with this whole thing..]

my family went to disneyland at the end of june.

we always love disneyland.
it was such a fun time to just hang out as a family
and have no drama.
i even got to see my friend, savannah from disney!

tyson and i
finally became boyfriend and girlfriend
july 11,
and it has been such an amazing time.

at the end of july,
my little brother
[and one of my best friends]
got his mission call to 
montreal, canada.

also around that time,
my cousin, his then girlfriend,
tyson, and i
took a fun trip to california.
we played on the beach,
as well as went to disneyland
and just had the most perfect 3 day weekend ever!
[at least it was perfect for tyson and i]

a month into dating,
i was invited to go to bear lake with his family.
i had never been to bear lake before..
honestly, if you haven't been,
go as soon as you get the opportunity!
we had such a wonderful weekend as well!

i continued to study in school.
because of tyson's help with my math,
i finally passed the math class i had taken 3 times.
i also received my associates degree!! 

at the end of september,
 i started my new job at doTERRA.
i hung on to kfc until the end of november,
but it was just too stressful.
i love working at doTERRA.
i started out answering US phone calls,
then applied and transferred to singapore/malaysia emails.
i also advanced a couple times in work.
it is such a stress free environment and i love it.
i now do singapore/malaysia, and US emails.

we had countless nights of fun with my cousins and my little brother before he left on his mission.
we had late night applebee's runs,
game nights,
movie nights,
fresh prince of bellair nights,
and just a grand old time.

december 10th,

my little brother went on his mission to montreal, canada.

it was so hard to say goodbye to him.

he's been gone less than 2 months,
and i miss him everyday.

i can't wait until we are reunited.

christmas time was really fun with tyson.
i got to meet more of his family and spend christmas with the love of my life.
how did i get so lucky?

2014 ended perfectly and 2015 began perfectly.
tyson and i had a night of playing games and watching forrest gump.
we also watched the countdown.
we ate russian cookies too!

2014 was a great year,
but i know 2015 will be even greater!
some extremely exciting posts are coming your way!


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