once upon a time...

i wanted to write some memories down so i don't forget them. tyson and i have had such an amazing time together,  and it is time to...

i wanted to write some memories down so i don't forget them.
tyson and i have had such an amazing time together, 
and it is time to share a bit of our story for those of you who are interested. 

Beginning of April 2014, I met Tyson
my cousin [and tyson's best friend] ammon insisted that we meet and be set up. 
tyson and ammon had served together in russia on their missions.

i am not one to like blind dates much.. 
neither is tyson.. 
ammon invited tyson and i to applebee's with a group of people, 
where he didn't talk to me and i didn't talk to him..
super exciting right?

ammon kept trying to get us to all hang out together. 
one night, at the end of april, we went to a hot tub.  
it got tyson and i talking
while i was trying to drown a poor bug that wouldn't die..
we realized that we actually have a lot in common 
and that we were really quite perfect for each other

(although we both wouldn't admit it!). 
that night tyson gave me his number
after we had watched funny videos in his car for a while.

we then started seeing each other more frequently and more exclusive. 
this included hitting a deer on the freeway!
we still weren't completely together 
and there were times when we stopped talking to each other.

Super lame, right?

at the end of june, 
my family and i went to disneyland. 
we had a wonderful time, 
and i missed Tyson..
 i found myself waiting for a text from him and wanting to get him a souvenier at disneyland. 
my brother (and one of my best friends) cameron kept telling me how lame i was 
and that tyson and I just needed to be in a relationship. 
i kept telling cameron no 
because i didn't know if tyson was that interested in me.

we got back from california
and i tried to see tyson.
when we hung out I just wanted him to say he missed me,
and he wanted the same thing...
so naturally we both said nothing and
we almost completely gave up on each other.

fate had other ideas. 
on the fourth of july 
(tyson's favorite holiday) 
we hung out during the day.

things were still a little strained with us,
and he went boating with my cousins while i went to work.
when i got off,
i met everyone at my aunt's house and did fireworks.
i made a point to snuggle up next to tyson,
and we watched independence Day with everyone.

after that,
everything just seemed to fall into place. 
four days later, 
we had been hanging out a lot and it was tyson's birthday.
 everyone was pressuring tyson to kiss me 
[which obviously meant that he didn't].
 but we had a huge bonfire and it was just a good night.

we kissed for the first time a couple days after. 
we ran through the sprinklers.
 everything was just fun and perfect.

we then decided that we would be dumb to not be together.
we officially became boyfriend/girlfriend july 11th
it was amazing.

we have had a lot of adventures since then.
we have been to california
(disneyland included),
bear lake with his family,
and on many, many dates.

we have had such a fun and great time. 
i wouldn't change it for the world!
he is my best friend :)

(he doesn't like pictures..)
i can't believe we are engaged! 
our engagement story is to come.....


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