April Recap

i know it's now in the middle of may, but i think i want to do monthly recaps.. we'll see how long that lasts! april began and w...

i know it's now in the middle of may,
but i think i want to do monthly recaps..
we'll see how long that lasts!

april began and we were in full wedding planning mode.
we got married april 11th.
to see my wedding post, visit this link

after our wedding,
we went on our fun honeymoon!
we drove down to california,
then left on our amazing cruise!

i had never been on a cruise before.
the casinos smell like las vegas...ugh.
our cruise ship was huge!

our room was so dark!
we would fall asleep for a nap and be out for hours!
we were super lazy which was so nice after the stress of a wedding!
we ate all the time.
free food is seriously the best thing about a cruise!
every night on the cruise,
they had this full 3 course dinner.

our cruise went to catalina island right off the coast of california.
it was beautiful.
we went to a city called avalon.

everyone drove golf carts and there were so many touristy shops.
we ended up walking around the beach,
and going by the movie theater/museum.

the movie theater only plays one movie at a time!
so small!
the water was so pretty, blue, and clear!

there were these big gold fish swimming around the rocks of the coast.

the next day we went to ensenada, mexico.
the cruise was selling the la bufadora tours for $70 a person.
we booked that same tour in mexico for $15 a person.
such a better deal!
we got on a bus for about half an hour,
and we drove to the other side of the quay.
la bufadora is a natural water spout.

it was really pretty.
there was a flea market as well.
we ate some tacos..
that weren't that great..
and we didn't shop at all there.
but it was really pretty and warm and a fun little excursion.

the next day was a full day at sea..
man.. i was feeling so motion sick.

the day following that,
i was still feeling pretty sick.
we went to disneyland with my free tickets,
then ate at earl of sandwich
(my favorite food place!)
we only lasted there about 5 hours before heading back to the hotel and sleeping.

after that, we came home back to reality.
we were ready to come home, and
it was really fun going into our apartment and seeing all of the gifts;
it was like christmas!

since then, we have just been working and enjoying each other's company.
i am slowly learning how to wife, i.e.:
cooking, cleaning, etc.
i am not that great of a cook..
so this has been great practice for me!
i am so grateful my husband is so patient with me.

we ended april by finishing up spring semester at uvu.
we both did really great this semester!
our gpa's were 3.70 and 3.78

now that it's getting closer to summer,
we definitely need some hobby ideas.
if you think of any,
please let us know.

for now, we are just happy to be together,
and happily in love with each other.
seriously, how did i get so lucky?!


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