#fbf the road less traveled..

**this is a #fbf #flashbackfriday post. this is the first post i ever wrote while in florida participating in the Disney College Program. ...

**this is a #fbf #flashbackfriday post. this is the first post i ever wrote while in florida participating in the Disney College Program. enjoy!

oh my goodness.
i honestly cannot describe how the last few days have been.
the hardest time of my life.
i almost went home with being in Florida for an hour.

Theme song:
look at the world so close and i'm halfway to it.
look at it all-so big!-do i even dare?
look at me-here at last!-i just have to do it.
Should i?
here i go.

sunday was brutal. 
saying goodbye was the hardest thing i have ever had to do
and i miss so many people.
i think i cried that entire day. 
one of the hardest goodbye's was to my puppy. 
i didn't cry at all until it was time for me to take her to her new home. 
she has an amazing new home and i cannot wait to see her when I get back!

i got on the plane after having multiple issues: 
my laptop being taken out of my bag, 
almost missing my flight, 
not being able to take my lotion or sunscreen in my carry on--that sort of thing. 
the plane ride was okay. 
i had the worst headache of my life 
and it didn't help that the cute baby next to me was screaming the entire time. 
it was fun to hear everyone giggle when we were taking off though :) 
i then got to arizona and switched flights. 
by this time my headache was so bad i couldn't see straight. 
i got on the plane and fell asleep before the plane finished taking off. 
it was the worst sleep ever. 
i could only sleep for 5 minutes before needing to move. 
eventually i just stared out the window and wondered what city or state we were flying over now. 
i got off the plane at 4:45 am
i got all my baggage and checked in to my transportation company, 
then sat outside waiting for them for 45 minutes--
the entire time paranoid that I was going to get mugged. 
they picked me up and took me to my check in place. 
here, they don't really have billboards for other companies. 
all of them are for theme parks which is super cool!

once at the check in place [vista way], 
i sat around with all my luggage for 2 hours.
when they finally opened the gates i was exhausted and very grumpy.
we did sooo much paperwork,
then i got to my apartment and got all unpacked.
kynia and i went to walmart,
then we went to downtown disney for dinner:)

without kynia, 
i would have gone home the very first day.

buut i made it through and woke up this morning at 11:30 am. 
just enough time to shower, 
realize i don't have a comb, 
borrow kynia's brush and steal some food from her, 
and rush out the door for more meetings. 
aaaand i forgot my ID so that was a major pain. 
after the meeting i came back home and got all ready to run and catch the bus going to walmart, 
but then one of my awesome housemates let me ride with her :) 
we went to walmart 
(which was a success for the most part) 
then came back home. 
i called my parents and sister then i headed over to kynia's.

i made pasta and 
we watched pretty little liars and 
had amazing brownies! 
it was a good day.

it should be better tomorrow because i get my pass to get in to disney world for free :)
magic kingdom here I come!

i had my first thunderstorm in florida today!
it shook the whole house and was amazing :) 
looove it!!


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