3 years ago today...

today is a day full of memories. not only have we been married for exactly 2 months, engaged for 5 months, dating for 11 months, it is a...

today is a day full of memories.
not only have we been married for exactly 2 months,
engaged for 5 months,
dating for 11 months,
it is also 3 years ago to day,
i was starting my first day on the disney college program.

if you would like to read about my first day,
please click here.
i walked out of my door to come to work today,
and it felt like i was back in florida:
the sky was overcast
the ground was wet
and it just smelled like florida.

i was hit with a million memories.

my day consisted normally of waking up before my entire apartment,
and making the trudge to the bus stop in my brightly colored costume.

i would then be on a bus,
listening to music or reading,
for about 30-45 minutes before finally making it to Animal Kingdom.

once at Animal Kingdom,
we would go backstage to get on another bus to take us to Pizzafari.
i would work at Pizzafari that entire day,
with some of the best friends.
i would be excited to hang out with Savannah or Dhrusha on the front counter as a filler,
or work the registers next to Savannah or Paola.
we would know when the parade was on
and when lion king got out.
after a long day of work,
we would close up the store.
we would be excited to close registers,
but hate to close dishroom.
once everything was done,
we would all crowd around the computer to clock out,
and if we were lucky,
our awesome bosses would give us some free mac & cheese or pizza or breadsticks.
(i miss that food so much sometimes!)
then we usually just walked back to the exit of backstage,
just talking and having fun with each other.
then it was back to the bus stop to wait.
if we missed the bus,
we would have to wait another half an hour to get on the next one.
instead of boarding the bus to go home,
we would hurry and change into normal clothes,
and get on the bus to another park.
normally, it was Hollywood Studios.
at Hollywood Studios,
we would watch Fantasmic,
go on tower of terror a few times,
go on rockin' rollercoaster,
and each a chocolate chip cookie icecream sandwich,
or a mickey shapped ice cream sandwich.

i miss going to the parks every day,
and seeing lion king show
and fantasmic.
i miss the way florida smells.
that sounds totally weird,
but you don't know that you miss something like that
until you smell it randomly at home.
i miss hanging out with my awesome roommates.
so. much.
i miss hanging out with Savannah and Dhrusha,
or having movie nights with them.

i'm just feeling really nostalgic today,
just remembering everything from my time in florida.
i miss a lot,
and i am grateful for what i learned and who i met while i was out there,
but i would never trade it for the adventure i am having now. <3


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