Just another day in paradise

ollo! :) things have been a roller coaster since i got to florida. i have been extremely frustrated and extremely happy. i have gone fro...

ollo! :)
things have been a roller coaster since i got to florida.
i have been extremely frustrated and extremely happy.
i have gone from crying to laughing hysterically,
and i have learned lessons on friendship and being alone.

last week was insane.
i wanted to come home.
everything was so stressful and hard.
i got all settled in with my roommates
and they keep me happy and sane in this disney world of madness...
speaking of roommates:
they are AWESOME.
i love them:)
we go out for family dinners:

and we eat yummy things like the kitchen sink:

and they enjoy taking pictures of me in my... awesome outfit...;)

they also deal with my rants about disney and we have fun movie nights:)
 i don't think i could have picked better housemates!

florida is GORGEOUS.
i love it here.
the flowers are starting to bloom and everything smells amazing:)
...well most things...
there are lizards literally everywhere!
at night you have to be real careful not to step on a cute frog
or run into a snake....thankfully I haven't yet ;)
yes, it is hot and humid, but it rains warm rain!
(and yes, I have been puddle jumping!)
also, everything is extremely green and open.
i miss the mountains, but the sky seems so huge now!

the only issue i'm having out here
(this includes the buses to and from every where as well).
disney has many rules against college program doing anything.
rules i don't agree with.
i can be terminated at any time,
and right now i am stuck working with food.
don't get me wrong:
Pizzafari is one of the best food places to work in all of disney;
it's air-conditioned and not too incredibly strict...
but it's food.
i was already doing that at home,
so that's a real frustration.

the buses suck.
really though.
it takes an hour to get to work
(if the bus is on time),
the drivers are rude and drive crazy,
an hour to get home from work
(again, if it's on time),
and for me to go to walmart with taking the bus--it takes 3 hours.
i had a really, really bad day the other day
and the bus dropped me off at the wrong walmart that didn't have the things i ordered.
i was extremely frustrated and tried not to cry the entire way home.
it was my only day off and it was spent at walmart,
with it pouring so i couldn't go to the parks...
my amazing housemate came home and we went to the right walmart:)
seriously, love her.

speaking of work,
i have officially earned my ears and completed all of training!
boo-yeah baby!
i'm the first one in our apartment:):)

i have loved knowing that i have support at home as well:)
my family is amazing and has supported me through all of this,
helped me get here,
and know how crazy everything is out here!
the best friends i left
and talk with almost on a daily basis keep me going:)
i love them!
i miss my family,
my friends,
my puppy,
my bed,
and my car.

i really do love it out here,
i just want to be able to love my job out here as well;)



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