okay, so we have been home from our lovely vacation from hawaii for about a month now.. oops! we went to hawaii june 29-july 7th. it wa...

so we have been home from our lovely vacation from hawaii
for about a month now.. oops!

we went to hawaii june 29-july 7th.
it was sooooo beautiful!!!!!
all of the pictures will probably be at the end because there are so many :)

quick preface:
my dad and april were kind enough to bring tyson and i to hawaii with them.
we went to the big island of hawaii.
we stayed at the hilton waikoloa village.
it was amazing!

we left for hawaii on june 29th.
i started the day by working 6am to 9am that morning,
then we headed up to the airport.
we left salt lake around 2,
and got to seattle where we ate dinner.
we were on our way from seattle to hawaii,
when they turned the plane back around because the air conditioning wasn't working.
we finally got to hawaii at midnight hawaii time
(4am utah time!)
and we were so exhausted!

the next day was so wonderful!
tyson and i just hung out the whole day
and it was so relaxing.
the food cost so much!
but everything else was wonderful!
we explored the massive resort, and
we got to watch the sunset on the ocean which was wonderful!
(yes, i did just use wonderful 3 different times in one paragraph!)

wednesday we got up early and met up in my dad and april's room.
we all got loaded up in the van, 
and headed for the volcano!
we had lunch right before we got to the volcano visitor center,
and it was so good!
we went to the volcano's visitor's center
and found out that no lava was going into the ocean,
so we didn't get to see any lava :(
there was a pool of lava we could see from a distance,
but we only really saw the smoke hah..
we ate yummy sushi on the way back to the resort,
and then we went grocery shopping
(to help save some money while there).

thursday and friday,
 we played at the lagoon at the resort.
it is so cool and amazing!!
(seriously, look at the pictures!!)
they have a part of the ocean going into a lagoon,
there are even sea turtles!
tyson and i went snorkeling together!
it was my first time snorkeling,
so it was really cool!

i'm not a big fan of water in general..
i tend to have a lot of anxiety about it
(i am planning on writing an anxiety post at some point).
i was having a lot of anxiety and starting to panic,
but thankfully my husband is so caring and patient,
and we would stop and rest a lot which helped :)

we also went to a luau on friday night.
it was really cool!
we got yummy food,
unlimited drinks (non-alcoholic obviously!),
and a great show with fire dancers.
tyson also bought me a beautiful flower lei!

friday, i had gotten really sunburned,
so saturday i was in a lot of pain.
saturday was also the fourth of july.
tyson was wonderful,
and we just sat watching the matrix most of the day.
once it wasn't as hot outside,
we walked down to the little shopping center
for the firework show.

sunday we hung out at the resort and pet the parrots there.
we had also seen a paddle board the night before,
and it was still there on sunday
(and it didn't belong to anyone)
so we took it into the water.
it was really fun!
(and kind of scary hah)

monday was our last day in hawaii :(
we went to the shopping place again for lunch,
then hung out at the resort the rest of the time.
we boarded a flight out of the kona airport at 10:30 that night.
the flights home were kind of rough,
so we were really happy when we finally made it home at 5pm the next night.

we loved our time in hawaii,
and we spent every day watching the dolphins and exploring,
and just having the best time ever!
i love being married and having adventures with my wonderful husband!

now for some pictures:)

the view from our balcony!

a million pictures of the beautiful ocean!

the dolphins we watched every day!
they are so adorable!

the yummy drink we loved, and the fire dancer from the luau!
and the smoke of the volcano :)

an amazing view from dinner one night!

this cute guy was so close to the shore,
i didn't even zoom in!
he just wanted to eat the leaf :)

that was our amazing hawaii trip!
i sure do love traveling with my handsome husband! <3


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  1. Sounds like you had a good vacation, other than the traveling coming and going. We are glad that you and Tyson are so Happy.


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