How To: Run a Mile Every Day

good news! my laptop seems to be up and running again (for the time being) because of the body image issues i have been having my husb...

good news!
my laptop seems to be up and running again
(for the time being)

because of the body image issues i have been having

my husband challenged me to run a mile every single day for 30 days straight.
my incentive is that i will get new running shoes.

i am terrible at running. 
thankfully, i can run/walk the mile,
i just have to try to beat my previous time.

i am so out of shape,
that a mile took me almost 16 minutes the first time,
and i thought i was dying.

here are my top 5 tips for being successful for doing a mile every day
(or any other fitness goals you have):

#1: do it for you:
if you decide that you personally would like to have this goal,
you are more likely to agree to it and follow through.
i have been wanting to lose weight,
but not put as much pressure on myself as before,
so this ended up being a really good thing.

#2: have a support group:
mine is my husband,
but it can be anyone including yourself.
it needs to be someone that will remind you every day
and encourage you to continue.

#3: have an incentive:
this is probably the biggest one.
i don't think i have actually bought myself running shoes since i was way little.
usually they were hand me downs from family or a friend.
i have had my current sneakers since junior high,
and they are falling apart and hurting my feet.
for me,
having the incentive that i will get a nice pair of brand new sneakers
keeps me going.
i was so excited to pick them out and finally wear them!
also, if you're like me,
shopping is the best!
so getting the chance to go shopping is pretty great too!
some good incentives would be:

a fit bit (my husband's first suggestion)
new workout clothes
new sneakers
things for yoga
starting a fitness class
new headphones
personal weights for lifting

if you already have all the tools you would like for a healthy lifestyle,
you can also use anything that you would like as an incentive.
for me, it would probably be:

new makeup
new clothes
new home decorations
going out to the movies
going out to eat
(because we don't do that anymore and i looove food haha)

incentives are probably the most important.
when i am sick
(like i was a little bit ago)
and just feeling horrible,
i still make myself go run.
and while i am doing my daily mile,
i think about the awesome new shoes i am going to have
to continue a healthy lifestyle.

#4: don't pressure yourself:
your goal should be something you can accomplish.
running a mile was a good one for me,
because i am so out of shape.
if you are more in shape,
challenge yourself to more miles,
or other fitness ideas.
the goal is to feel healthy and love your body.

#5: don't give up:
i know it can be difficult,
and you just want to give up!
especially if you aren't feeling well and it's night time and you still haven't done the mile.
it takes a lot of will power to get up and get moving.
just think: once it's done, you're done for the day!

i have finished my 30 day challenge!
it was hard.
i do not have the motivation to run every day,
but i did it!
i do notice that i can run longer without getting winded.
my ending mile time was about 11 minutes and 45 seconds.
i realize that that time is not that impressive,
but i knocked about 3 minutes off of my starting mile time.

i finished the challenge on sunday.
monday we got to go pick out shoes!
shoe carnival was having a great sale,
and i decided to go with some sketchers ones
(because they have memory foam!)
and we even got tyson a pair!
it was really fun to shop around for our perfect shoes,
and we have both gone running in them and can already see a difference.

for me, when i would run,
i would get terrible shin splints.
i went running yesterday for the first time since getting my new shoes,
and i noticed such a change!
my legs didn't hurt as much which was wonderful!
i am so grateful that my husband challenged me to do this!


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