Star Wars, Being Sick, and Christmas!

Hello everyone! I am so sorry it has been such a long time! I got a cold on Christmas Eve, so I've been just resting trying to get it to...

Hello everyone! I am so sorry it has been such a long time! I got a cold on Christmas Eve, so I've been just resting trying to get it to go away.

I got to see Star Wars last week!

I absolutely loved it! It was really, really great! I loved the main actress in it! She was so great! I won't say any more just in case you haven't seen it, but you should definitely see it!!

How was your Christmas? Did you have a lovely time? Did you receive anything special or give anything special?

I spent the day of Christmas Eve baking muffins and sugar cookies [a recipe post will be coming soon!] and making the yummy jello salad for dinner. As I mentioned before, I got a cold on Christmas Eve night, which was a bummer. Christmas Eve we went up with T's family and had a yummy dinner and a white elephant gift exchange. When we got home, T and I decided to open one present each before settling down and watching The Grinch and drinking hot cocoa.

Christmas morning, we both woke up at about 6 am. We decided to open presents at 6:30! It was really fun and special just having it be the two of us :) I was still feeling pretty sick so I took medicine and rested while T went to work [boo..] After T got off, we went over to my family's and did a gift exchange. Then we went over to my grandma's for dinner and our big Christmas party. It had snowed a lot, so our car got stuck when we parked at my grandma's! Thankfully my cousins helped us push out to go home :)

The next day, after T got off work, we went to dinner at Red Lobster. I had never really eaten there before and we were excited to use some gift cards [thank you parents!!] We were getting ready to leave, and our waitress said that someone had paid for our meal. We are so grateful! It was really special and lovely!

Our holiday weekend was pretty relaxed and lazy since I was sick. I did get to read Zoe Sugg's Girl Online: On Tour finally! I will post a book review soon :)

I hope your holiday was lovely, and I promise I will be back to blogging more regularly now :)


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  1. I have not seen it yet! Not sure if I will......I don't think I have watched any! Sorry to hear your were sick! Seems like a lot of this is going around! Have a great New Years!


    1. Thank you! You should, it's really good, even if you haven't seen any others :)

  2. Everyone seems to be talking about Star Wars but I'm not a big fan (my Mum is, so I'll probably be forced to go along with her, haha!) I hope you get better! Happy new year :)

    Pop over to my blog!


  3. Hope your are feeling better, Erica. Wishing you a happy and joy filled New Year.

  4. This sounds so lovely, although so sorry to hear that you've been sick! I haven't seen the New stars wars movie yet - mainly cause I haven't seen the previous ones and thought I had too first, haha! Happy New Year!

    Filippa | Always a Dot

  5. That's so nice that someone paid for your meal! I love the biscuits at red lobster - so good! Wishing you a happy new year!!


    1. They are so yummy! I wish the same to you :)

  6. A Christmas Eve spent baking sugar cookies and muffins sounds so lovely - I wish I could rewind back to the start of December right now!!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. Me too! I love December and Christmas Time! xx

  7. 6:30 in the morning?! That's way too early for me haha, even though I like to rise early it's because I tend to get more done before 12-2ish in the pm. Anytime after that is really hard for me! Jello salad sounds so bad for you - but at the same time, so tasty!

    becky ♡ star violet

    1. I love waking up early :) Jello Salad is delicious and has fruit and cottage cheese in it, so hopefully it's not too bad for you!

  8. So glad to hear you enjoyed Star Wars. My friends and I are going to go see it on Wednesday - so excited! Happy New Year, lady!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  9. Great post!
    Have a blessed week!
    Much love, Len


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