Exciting Events!

Hello lovelies! I am just an excited little girl lately! So many exciting things have been happening! Firstly, A and A are finally engag...

Hello lovelies!

I am just an excited little girl lately!

So many exciting things have been happening! Firstly, A and A are finally engaged! We helped with the proposal last week. It was so fun! We hiked up Bridal Veil Falls and failed with the floating lanterns and I fell and bruised my hand going down the mountain [cry laughing face haha], but it was just so fun! I have only helped with one other engagement, and they are just so exciting! There is something so special knowing two people who are meant to be together and getting to help them with such a special moment!

We got a tent! It finally came from Walmart.com, and we LOVE it. We spent an entire Saturday going to different places and looking around. Eventually, we decided that the pricing [and selection] was better online. It came in the mail, and we set it up right away in our living room! We moved our massive coffee table into the kitchen and moved our couch to the far wall, and the tent still barely fit in our living room! We love it!

As you can kind of see, it has the main tent, then it has a vestibule [the overhanging part] that opens on both sides [or closes] and you can have extra space. It is huge and awesome! We will hopefully get to use it outdoors soon!

Another exciting thing is that I am finally going to be training for a different position at work. For now, it is temporary, just while my good friend is on maternity leave! But, I am just excited to not be as bored :)

Also.. I am so excited to be going to The Alison Show's next party: Alison's Shell Yes! It is mermaid theme and I cannot contain my excitement! I am also so excited to be going with my very best friend, M, aka the Redhead Momma! [M will always be a mermaid in my eyes, so this party is going to be PERFECT!!] We also get to help set up again, which is honestly one of my favorite parts!

Last but not least, the most exciting thing right now, is.. It's T's BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK!!!! It falls on a Friday! Last year, we had just gotten home from Hawaii, so we just had a chill day recuperating from our trip. This year, I am going to put my decorating skills to the test! I honestly cannot wait! [except I can because I have not purchased the things I need yet..]. The only thing that is hard is shopping for him. He doesn't want anything, and he wants to be surprised. Because it is on a Friday, I am only working a half day, and the rest is a surprise because he doesn't know yet!! Eek! So much excitement! I basically know what I am going to do; I have a vision! But if you have any ideas, please let me know below in the comments! 

Other exciting things are happening, but I just can't share them until they get closer.. boo..

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Do you have any fun Fourth of July plans? I am SO excited to have Monday off!!


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  1. Congratulations on your engagement! Exciting times ahead. Gemma x

  2. Exciting post indeed! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm! ;)

  3. So many exciting things going on!! Sounds like you're having a great summer so far :)


  4. You've got so much exciting events going on, girlie, all are so fun! I can only imagine the excitement was for the engagement and to be apart of something so special and memorable! I wish you the best in your new training for the temp position, I hope you enjoy every minute! And, I hope you have an awesome, creative time planning T's b-day celebration! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have the most amazing weekend ahead, girlie!



  5. great :)

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  6. So many exciting things going on, and Congratulations on your engagement!
    Julia x

  7. Replies
    1. Hi Suvarna! Thank you for stopping by!!

  8. wow, so many exciting things happening. congratulations!!!
    Smitten Sophie

  9. Congrats babe! So happy for you! x

    Have a great Sunday,

  10. That tent looks so roomy and perfect for camping! Haha my husband never wants anything either, so I totally understand, getting the presents right is not easy :D


    1. It's definitely hard shopping for guys! xx

  11. Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things planned hun, I'm so happy for you! :) <3 It must have been fun to help with the engagement, ohhh and good luck with shopping for the present, men can be so difficult to buy for can't they! I always struggle with my boyfriend because like you said, he usually doesn't want anything but still expects a surprise, well... !! x


    1. Haha men.. amiright? Thank you for stopping by, Kay! xx

  12. Great post. So lovely!

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  13. So happy to hear about your new training position! Also seems like you're having tons of fun!! Good luck with preparing for T's birthday :)

    Pop over to my blog!


  14. Congrats darling! Sounds like more exciting things ahead of you. Great post!
    Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!
    Much love, Len


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