Alison's Shell Yes!

Hello lovelies! I got to help with and attend The Alison Show 's: Alison's Shell Yes! this past week. It was A.MAZ.ING. Seriously,...

Hello lovelies!

I got to help with and attend The Alison Show's: Alison's Shell Yes! this past week. It was A.MAZ.ING. Seriously, the best one yet! They just get better and better :)

One of my most favorite things about each party is that I get to help set up. I love volunteering my time and seeing how much work goes into such an amazing party. The first time I volunteered, I was nervous. I didn't feel adequate as I had never set up an awesome party before, and I'm just not a party-person. I mean, I am when I know people, but I was never the person to want to go out every weekend or go clubbing or anything. I was really nervous. Alison and Claire welcomed Michelle and I with open arms and it has been the BEST experience working with them. Because I got to help set up, I felt more connected when I went to the first party: Alison's Gem Jam, and I absolutely LOVED it.

For Alison's Hip Hop Hooray, I also had the opportunity to volunteer. I felt a little more confident helping out, but I was still pretty nervous. When I start to feel anxiety, I try to find excuses not to do something. Thankfully, I haven't succeeded in letting my anxiety get the better of me when it comes to these parties. I had such a great night dancing with Michelle and 800+ other women!

This party was Alison's Shell Yes! It was mermaid theme! And it was PERFECT! This party was up in Salt Lake City at the Gallivan Event's Center. I loved getting to take work off to help set up! The party was outside and had an awesome stage. It also had a cool water feature that went along with the mermaid theme [although, I didn't get any pictures of it because I was busy elsewhere]. I feel like I took SO many pictures! I don't even know where to begin!

^^This was the photo op for onstage! Talk about AMAZING!

^^She had these cute mermaids all over!

^^This was the first photo op you would see when you walked into the party!

^^ This was the second photo op you would see. LuLaRoe sponsored the party, and Alison and her merdudes hung out here for a little bit during the party.

^^Alison always has a Throne of Awesome, and this was the Throne of Awesome for this party! A huge clam!

^^The Queen of Parties herself: Alison! I LOVED her outfit! Her pants were my favorite! Also, she wore those platform heels ALL NIGHT LONG. What a rock star.

^^A little ocean with dolphins!

^^We danced our troubles into bubbles here! I loved all of the balloon bubbles!!

 ^^The decorations were SO flippin' cute! I loved the little whale bubbles!

^^The food was also amazing! There was Vida Acai, Sodalicious, and Lick'd Popsicles. Delicious! Also, these cups are my absolute FAVORITE!!! They are so convenient and I try to find every excuse to use them for my drinks!

^^She had shark dancers! They were so great!

^^There is no one I would rather go to these parties with! Michelle has been one of my best and dearest friends for over 8 years. She has stuck by me through the good and bad times. Plus, she is a mermaid! Just look at her GORGEOUS hair! #merbabe

After, she did little goodie bags, and they were adorable! They had a mermaid and 'Dance Your Troubles Into Bubbles'. It was filled with yummy goodies and SUPER comfy LuLaRoe leggings that have little pink shells with 'Shello' written on them.

You can see some of the boomerang videos on my Instagram. I got my leggings off of Amazon for $10! I made my shirt [I will be doing a DIY post next week]!

I love getting to help out with these parties! Alison is just such an amazing woman. She throws parties where people actually dance. She encourages women to love themselves and be more confident. I love going and dancing [even though I feel like I can't dance]!

It was such a fun day! I hope you all had a great week! Have a lovely weekend!


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  1. Love going with you to these parties!!!!

  2. It looks amazing and I love those mermaid leggings! How cool are they?

    Raindrops of Sapphire

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    Keep in touch

    1. Of course hun! I am already following your blog! I love seeing your posts! xx

  4. This sounds like so much fun. Great pics, thx for sharing.

  5. Just stopping by to wish you a lovely weekend!

    Raindrops of Sapphire


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