Tyson's Birthday Weekend!

Hello lovelies! Last Friday was my handsome husband's birthday! Because it was on a Friday, I decided we should make a weekend out of ...

Hello lovelies!

Last Friday was my handsome husband's birthday! Because it was on a Friday, I decided we should make a weekend out of it!

I started it off bright and early at 5 am by putting sticky note messages in the shape of a heart on our bathroom mirror so he would find it when he woke up!

I put a couple sticky notes in his car, then headed off to work. I worked until noon because T had school that day too. When I got home, I started his birthday cake [he wanted a crumb cake!] and set up lights and 'Happy Birthday Tyson' in our living room!

He came home and I gave him his gift! I got him a button down collared short sleeve shirt from Target, a slim wallet from Amazon [which is apparently anti-theft so that's cool!], and I got him the movie Zootopia also from Target. [We LOVE Zootopia. I have been dying to see it since it came out, and we both love it. Seriously, the first time we got it from Redbox, we watched it twice within 24 hours. It is SO good.]

After opening his gift, we went to grab some Panda Express, then I sang happy birthday while he blew out his sparkler candles! We packed up our car to leave. It was my family reunion that weekend, and we planned to meet my cousins at the reunion. From there, we were suppose to go to a cabin for the night. While packing up the car, I told T that we should probably bring our new tent and the sleeping bags *just in case*. I thought about bringing our pillows and extra blankets, but then I was like 'nah, they will have them at the cabin'...

Once the car was all packed up, I drove us down to the campsite in Beaver [it was about a 2 1/2 hour drive]. We got to the campsite around 7 pm, just in time to eat some dinner at the potluck. My cousins decided they didn't want to go to the cabin, and wanted to stay at the reunion. Good thing we brought the tent and sleeping bags just in case! We didn't have pillows or any padding, so we drove to the cabin and borrowed a couple pillows and extra blankets. We went back to the campsite and we played night games with everyone! The campsite had this amazing grassy field that was PERFECT for playing!

We played games with all my little cousins and it was so fun! I also laid on the bench while they were playing a different game that involved more running, and just watched so many bats fly around! It was really cool. After, we hung around the fire, just talking and enjoying being with everyone [let's be real, I was falling asleep in the camp chair because it was like 1 am by this point, and I had been up since 5!].

Around 2 am, when everything was dark and still, we took the canoes out to the middle of the lake and looked at the stars. It was SO beautiful! We could see the Milky Way and it was so peaceful!

This campsite was BEAUTIFUL! It had a lake with canoes and a volleyball area, as well as the grassy area. We didn't really get to hike, but the whole place was so beautiful that I kind of wish we had!

The next morning we packed up really fast and ate breakfast with my family. T drove us home and we spent the rest of the weekend watching movies like Tarzan and Zootopia, and catching Pokemon! Yes, we love Pokemon, so of course we are playing Pokemon Go! We caught hundreds of Pokemon and walked around our city trying to catch cool ones. We each had a Pokemon in the gym so that was cool! We have to be the very best! [Like no one ever was!]

The weekend felt so long and it was just such a great weekend spent together! I love my husband so much! His birthday is so special to me [more special than my own birthday] because it is the day he was born. I am so grateful every day that we are married and that he chose me out of everyone in the world to spend eternity with him. I love that our personalities and ways of thinking are different, but we go together perfectly. I love that he loves me the way I am, and encourages me every day to do what I am passionate about and to be a better person. I am such a better person because he is in my life, and I am SO much happier than I have ever been in my life. It's kind of sad reading old journal entries, and seeing that I wasn't as happy as I am now, and 95% of that is because of my loving and kind husband. He is honestly the smartest person I know, and the most dedicated person I know. He excels at everything he tries and I can't believe how blessed I am to have him forever.

Have you done anything fun lately? Are you playing Pokemon Go? I hope you all had a great weekend, and a great week so far! Good luck catching Pokemon if you are playing!!


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  1. This is the cutest thing ever, great post! You seem really lovely and have a great blog too, let me know if you would like to follow each other and stay in touch! x


    1. Thank you so much Adele! I am now following your blog and I left you a comment! I would love to follow each other and stay in touch! xx

  2. Aww the celebration sounds so fantastic! Happy belated birthday to your husband. :)

    The camping trip sounds absolutely magical. I would love to go out in a canoe in the middle of the night to watch the Milky Way! It's such a rare sight to catch all the beautiful stars anywhere near NYC. Too much light pollution here.

    I definitely got into Pokemon! I'm wanting to go on much longer walks around the city just so I can catch more and fill up my Pokedex. ;p I'm still starting out though- literally only downloaded it yesterday.

    Style Tomes ||ST on IG

    1. Thank you so much! It was so magical and I loved seeing so many stars! I know the light pollution is not too good in NYC; hopefully you can go on a little trip and see the stars :) Good luck with your Pokedex! I just wanna catch em all too ;)

  3. This made me SO happy!! Not only did you get to lie and watch the bats, you took a canoe out at night and looked at the stars! I'm sure there's no light pollution in the middle of the lake so the view you had must have been truly incredible. I'm thankful for my partners birthday too since it was the day he was born :) He's really lucky to have you though and to celebrate like that, that's so romantic and beautiful. I bet you didn't want to come home!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Thank you so much Lorna! We definitely did not want to come home, but there is something about being home and sleeping in your own bed that is magical! Camping on the hard ground is not my favorite ;) have a great rest of the week! xx

  4. Oh and I'm not on Pokemon Go since it's US only at the moment, but everyone is! It's gone viral!!

    Raindrops of Sapphire


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