What a Beautiful Wedding!

Hello lovelies! Well.. I have absolutely failed at doing Blogtober [fingers crossed that Blogmas turns out better!] and you know what? I a...

Hello lovelies!

Well.. I have absolutely failed at doing Blogtober [fingers crossed that Blogmas turns out better!] and you know what? I am totally fine with that. October has been a crazy busy month.

The biggest event that happened this month was Ammon and Amanda's wedding! We took Friday, the 7th off, and took our time to drive down to St George. We stayed at a beautiful resort, Red Mountain Resort. It was gorgeous and so peaceful! It was surrounded by the red rock of St George, and they emphasized relaxation and unplugging. Also, all their signs had copper on them, and I am obsessed with copper, so I definitely obsessed over such a small detail like that. I also loved that there were hammocks every where! In true Erica fashion, I didn't take any pictures.. except for the indoor pool [which we didn't use]. I am actually really sad that we didn't get use the resort more. We were only there for less than 24 hours, but I hope we go back to enjoy it in the future! We got checked in and found a beautiful look out spot.

We stopped at this place [I can't believe I'm spacing on the name!] that we could walk through and see a ton of plants and [supposedly] fish, as well as dinosaur tracks. We didn't see any fish or dinosaur tracks [boo!] but we did see a TON of plants! I took a couple pictures before my phone died:

We found out that the rest of my family had already eaten, so we grabbed Costa Vida [my FAVORITE]! My family was all hanging out at a nearby hot tub so we ran back to the hotel, grabbed our swimsuits, and headed over to them. There were SO many of us in the hot tub! And the regular pool's heating system was broken so it was as cold as ice! It was fun hanging out with everyone and talking with Tyson, Luke and Leina, and Ammon. After hanging out for quite a long time, we decided to go back to the hotel everyone else was staying at and play games. We played Cards Against Humanity with Cameron and Emma, Joseph and Alley, and Harrison and Cryshtal. We took out the more horrible cards and laughed so hard while playing the others. After, it was definitely time for bed! We got back to the hotel around 2 a.m. and I fell asleep instantly!

The next morning, we got dolled up and checked out. We went to Del Taco for lunch with Tyson's grandparents. It was so fun seeing and talking with them! After lunch, we went to the St George temple. When we pulled into the parking lot, we saw Ammon and Amanda in their wedding clothes, so we hurried to chat a bit with them before they went into the temple. After they went in, we walked around the temple grounds with Luke and Leina. The visitors center had a book shelf with the Book of Mormon in different languages, and they each had a digital chip in them. When you picked up a book and opened it up, the screen above would show the language and read it in that language [except for Russian, we discovered, which is totally fine because Tyson speaks Russian]! It was SO cool! Ammon and Amanda's sealing was beautiful! After the sealing, we took a bunch of pictures!

^^I love this handsome and kind husband of mine!!!

^^It was so fun to hang out with my brother Cameron and his girlfriend Emma!

Once pictures were done, we went to The Pizza Factory. Their breadsticks are the BEST and I was extremely excited about having a Coke ;) My sweetheart made sure my Coke, tummy, and heart was full! We sent Ammon and Amanda on their way to their honeymoon in Costa Rica, and Tyson and I drove home that night!

They did their reception closer to home about a week and a half later at Sleepy Ridge. It was my first time being at Sleepy Ridge for a reception/wedding and it was GORGEOUS! They had a beautiful ring ceremony, we took more pictures, and then it was time for food! The food was seriously awesome! They had roast beef, turkey, rosemary potatoes, bread, and an ice cream sundae bar! Mmm! After eating, we went outside [it was freezing!] and Ammon and Amanda had their first dance! Then everyone danced and had a great time! They had an awesome sparkler send off, then it was time for the after party which was apparently at our apartment! Cameron and Emma, Luke and Leina, and Joseph and Alley came over and we played GuitarHero and Cards Against Humanity. It was so fun and loud hahaha.

I love going to weddings! I love remembering all of our happy memories from when we got married! Our wedding day was so special and I laughed and smiled the whole day! Tyson seriously completes me and I love how happy he makes me! Being married is honestly the best. I love that his is the first face I see when I wake up, and the last I see when I fall asleep. He is my very best friend; my soul mate. I am the luckiest girl in the world!!

I hope you have a lovely weekend! What has been your most favorite thing you've done in October so far??


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  1. Wow such a beautiful place! And beautiful photos
    Congrats to the couple Ammon & Amanda!



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