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Hello lovelies!! My brother's girlfriend, Emma, won tickets to see Pentatonix in concert, and she asked me to go with her! I seriousl...

Hello lovelies!!

My brother's girlfriend, Emma, won tickets to see Pentatonix in concert, and she asked me to go with her! I seriously almost started crying.

Pentatonix is one of my top 5 favorite artists! We drove up to the Maverick Events Center, and discovered that parking was $10... and they didn't accept card... boo... So, we turned around and parked in a nearby Cracker Barrel, and I was so scared my car was going to be towed! We found our seats inside, and we were pretty close!

Us The Duo performed before Pentatonix, and they were SO good!

My favorite was their wedding song, No Matter Where You Are, and unbelievably, it was better live!

Pentatonix was also SO AMAZING live!!!! They were all so friendly and personable, on top of putting on an awesome concert!! I loved when Kevin played his cello and beatboxed with it. SO talented! All of their voices amaze me, but Avi's voice is just so deep! You know when you go to a concert and there's a lot of bass, and you can feel it vibrating through your body and affecting your heartbeat?? Avi does that in concert with his voice. His voice creates so much bass that you can physically feel it and it was AWESOME! I took a few pictures during the concert:

Hands down, my favorite part of the night was when they came out for their encore. They turned off their hand microphones, and the stadium and most, if not all, of it's lights out, and they performed my favorite song, Light in the Hallway. It was such a special moment. It was just them and us in a silent room, with the glow of our flashlights and it. was. magical. I definitely came home and cried telling Tyson about how amazingly beautiful this concert was. I was hoping they would do a couple Christmas songs, but I understand why they didn't! Their newest Christmas album had come out that same week of the concert and I love it so much! Yes.. I have been listening to it in October. It's just so beautiful! Here are some of my favorite songs from the amazing Pentatonix!

Light in the Hallway:

There are honestly so many, so I am just going to put them in list form instead of hunting down all of the videos:

Daft Punk
On My Way Home
La La Latch
Na Na Na
Rose Gold
Take Me Home
Where Are U Now
Lean On
Jolene [*they performed this at the concert with Us The Duo, and it was amazing!]

Basically, any and all of their Christmas songs are amazing! Here are some of my favorites from their album released last year:

White Winter Hymnal
That's Christmas to Me
Mary, Did You Know?
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Silent Night
The First Noel

So far, from their new album, I am loving:

Coventry Carol
God Rest You Merry Gentleman
Coldest Winter


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  1. Oh my gosh, so jealous! Love Pentatonix! So glad you enjoyed!

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  2. Looks like an incredible concert! Happy you had fun wonderful photos and videos :)


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