Bear Lake

Hello lovelies, This is day five of Blogmas! You can ready day four  here ! A couple months ago, Tyson and I went to Bear Lake with the ...

Hello lovelies,

This is day five of Blogmas! You can ready day four here!

A couple months ago, Tyson and I went to Bear Lake with the inlaws! It was Tyson's extended family and we stayed at this GORGEOUS cabin. Seriously. It was amazing. We got there pretty late at night, and they had saved our room for us! We were in.. the Disney Dreams room!!! It was decorated so cute! It had a 3 level bunk bed, as well as a big bed. The colors of the room where yellow, red, black, and white, and there were little Mickey's and Minnie's on each of the beds. SO CUTE!!

There was also a door leading under the stairs that said "Mr. H Potter The Cupboard under the Stairs". It was so cute! I went to take a picture of it, and my phone died [of course].

They had game tables and they had an awesome theater room that was like a dungeon! Each room had it's own theme, there was an observatory where you could look at the stars and see one end of the lake to the other. The kids' room was super cool! It was a giant Lego castle that you climbed under to get to the little room with a TV and a Wii. It was a fun cabin to explore and the kitchen was seriously MASSIVE.

Tyson and I "slept in" until about 9 am [we got in at about 10 pm and stayed up talking til like 1 am], and we were the "late sleepers" the rest of the trip. After lunch, we headed down to the dock! Tyson and I got to be on one of the wave runners and drive it to the beach where everyone else was at. We love wave runners so it was a blast!! We spent the day having so so much fun in the sun, playing games, and going on the wave runners. Tyson and I were pretty burnt on our legs after, but it was worth it [we definitely should have been putting on more sunscreen because that sunburn HURT!]. We went back to the cabin, got showered and cleaned up, then we had really yummy Navajo Tacos! Mmmmm!! Then some of us went downstairs to the theater room and watched the BYU vs Utah game. I'm not that into football, but it was pretty fun :)

The next day we just got ready to go and came back home. I love going to Bear Lake with Tyson's family, and I look forward to it when we know we are going to go. The last time we went was 2 years ago when Tyson and I were about 2 months into dating. I am excited for us to go next year :)

Do you have any awesome lakes by you that you like to visit?


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