Forgiveness and Finding Happiness

Hello lovelies! This is day twenty-two of Blogmas! You can read day twenty-one  here ! There is so much negativity in this world, and so...

Hello lovelies!

This is day twenty-two of Blogmas! You can read day twenty-one here!

There is so much negativity in this world, and sometimes it's hard to move past the negativity. It becomes increasingly hard to forgive others as there are so many different ways of thinking, and it seems so easy to offend someone.

Life is too short to remain negative and offended. I feel like it takes more energy to remain upset with someone than to forgive them. I personally feel like when we die and are in the afterlife, when we see someone we felt had wronged us on earth, we aren't going to be negative and hate them. We are going to look at them and feel love and excitement to all be together again. I want that in this life too.

I had felt that if I was quick to forgive, that meant that I was weak and letting people walk all over me. But, I realize now that it is a strength to forgive someone, including yourself. I have the hardest time forgiving myself. It's so important to forgive others and yourself, and live your life positively. That does not mean you should expect forgiveness from others. Forgiveness is very personal and very real. Living your life positively can help your life be happier.

I have found that keeping a journal has helped me be happier. If you are not into journaling, just try to write down in the same spot every day one thing you are grateful for that day. You can do this on your phone in notes or send text messages to yourself, or it can be written out with paper and pen. As long as you are able to see it. Some days, you will be thankful for big things and people. Some days, you may only be thankful to have woken up in the morning, or that it's finally bed time. Whatever it is, big or small, write it down. Try to do this for a month. You will see your outlook change  as you look specifically for things to be grateful for.

With the start of the new year around the corner, now is a great time to think of what you would like to do differently in the new year. I am going to try to be more forgiving and less negative in my life. I am trying to believe in goodness of others and try to not be easily offended. It takes time and dedication, but I think it is so worth it.


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